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In My Book, Summertime is Synonymous with Iced Tea, an Ocean Breeze and a Good Read

The Dolphin Hale Exhibit 110 Upper Lanai-Final 2
Upper Lanai of The Dolphin Hale – Life is at ease with an ocean breeze and a good read.

I am old school when it comes to my summertime reading, preferring the visceral experience of a hard cover book to that of Kindle’s hard case. And this summer, I hope to actually indulge in more than one read, but where to start?

Thankfully, one of my favorite bloggers, Jen of City Farmhouse, has already done the legwork and compiled this list of 12 amazing must reads for folks like you and me who only tend to read while on vacation–regardless as to the medium or our vacay local.

photo source: City Farmhouse
It includes something old, something new and something to renew you! And isn’t that the idea? For more on these titles and Jen, read Jen’s Summer Book List. Also, be sure to thank Jen by subscribing to her blog.

And, don’t forget to pack your pick in your suitcase!

Enjoy! Aunty Tammy

The Dolphin Hale has a house library for your enjoyment. Even the keiki will find books and games that delight and surprise!


Tammy Russell-Rice is a Certified Professional Photographer who calls both Las Vegas and Kauai home. For the past 15 years, Tammy and her husband, Clayton, have owned and operated The Dolphin Hale--a successful Kauai North Shore vacation rental. In the process, she has become somewhat of an expert on all things island and enjoys sharing her insight. Whether you just want to enjoy an island vacation and own a camera, or are thinking of purchasing your own island home, this blog is for you!

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