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Treasures of The Dolphin Hale

Team Dolphin Hale believes that a Vacation Rental is more than four walls with a roof. It’s an experience. Adding to that experience are the amenities inside the house to truly make it a home away from home. We even like to add bits of Aloha.

Today at The Dolphin Hale, Guests enjoy a plethora of household items from the practical to the frivolous–many were first Guest suggestions.

Guests of The Dolphin Hale often ask about purchasing the various amenities in this Kauai vacation rental during or after an enjoyable stay. Over the years, I have sold robes, home decor, kitchen gadgets and art pieces literally off the walls!

I figured it high time for anyone to be able to bring a token of The Dolphin Hale home with them, especially Guests who may worry about excess baggage fees. On that ticket, I am pleased to introduce our Amazon Shop. Obviously, not everything in this home is available through Amazon, but a good number of items may be found there.

These Dolphin Night Lights make great stocking stuffers too.

For your convenience, I have provided a link here to the Official House Website. See Tab: Treasures of The Dolphin Hale for individual links to our most popular items. For anything not listed there, please feel free to ask where you might otherwise find house treasurers to add to your own home. And by all means, keep those suggestions coming!

With Aloha ~ Aunty Tammy


Tammy Russell-Rice is a Certified Professional Photographer who calls both Las Vegas and Kauai home. For the past 18 years, Tammy and her husband, Clayton, have owned and operated The Dolphin Hale--a successful Kauai North Shore vacation rental. In the process, she has become somewhat of an expert on all things island and enjoys sharing her insight. Whether you just want to enjoy an island vacation and own a camera, or are thinking of purchasing your own island home, this blog is for you!

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