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COVID WIPEOUT! An Island Playlist for You

As the effects of COVID-19 persist with no real end in sight, I think most of us feel wiped-out! And if you are like me daydreaming of sun and sand, this Playlist is for you.

Consisting of classics and more contemporary island music, Kauai COVID Wipeout has something for everyone who longs to return to paradise and simpler times. Artists in this collection span the gamut from Keali’i Reichel (my favorite Hawaiian artist) to J-Boog. In total, it is a compilation of 11 artists (Did I mention I have seen Keali’i in concert?) and 12 numbers (Keali’i has two ’cause he is, well, my jam) offering approximately 45-minutes of escape–culminating with The Ventures on Wipe Out!

It’s my hope that as you observe stay-at-home mandates amid traveler restrictions, you will be able to “travel” to your happy place through the music. Further, if you happen to discover a new CD to purchase from your favorite street cart vendor on your next visit to Hawaii, a’ole pilikia (you’re welcome)! Meantime, please enjoy this special Playlist as you count the days until you may return to the islands once again.

Aloha ‘Oe ~ Aunty Tammy