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15 Things You Will NOT Read in your Kauai Travel Book

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It was 15 years ago this month that Clayton and I closed on The Dolphin Hale. In the years since, we have gleaned a few pearls of wisdom (and more than a few mosquito bites). To mark this noteworthy anniversary, I thought I would share these fifteen with you–dare I say, none of which will you read in your Kauai Travel Book:

  • 15 – Slippery When Wet takes on new meaning on the Garden Isle. As one of the wettest places on earth, trails can become not only slippery, but dangerous after a rain shower. ‘Slippahs’ should be not be substituted for good hiking boots or at the very least tennies with tread. Water moccasins also are a good idea in and around the ocean!
  • 14 – “Ono” does not mean Oh No! Further, one should not mistake Ono the fish (Hawaiian Wahoo Fish) for ono the generic term for ‘good’ or delicious. Although, the fish is very ono. Butter optional.
  • 13 – Island Time – You’re not on the mainland anymore. Like the tides, everything moves slower here. And if the surfing is good, don’t expect good service–even if you are wearing your best Hawaiian shirt. Take a deep breath, exhale and go with the flow.
  • 12 – Stainless Steel just stains less – Everything is in a state of decay on island; it’s just a matter of which stage. So, drop your ‘white gloves’ in the bin for contraband at the airport.
  • 11 – As previously noted, odds are you will experience at least some rain on island–that’s why it is so green. Forgo purchasing an umbrella, it will only prove to be a waste of money. Instead, enjoy the rainbow.
  • 10 – It will be a hair-curling experience. Even if you do not get wet, the humidity will curl your hair. Ladies, don’t bother packing a flat iron–pack a hat.
  • 9 – Costco is your best friend, especially if you will be cooking for 10! Purchase an Executive Member card before you arrive. After all, the less time spent in a line on vacation makes it mo betta.
  • 8 – They don’t call it the Tropic of Cancer for nothing. At a latitude just a few degrees south of it, Kauai can deliver a serious sunburn. So, don’t forget the sunscreen at Costco!
  • 7 – There are no pearls in these waters, but there are more Tahitian Pearl vendors than Starbucks on island. They seem to be on every street corner. ; ) Starbucks, however, does have a few locations (Lihue, Poipu and Kapaa) and sells lovely Hawaiian themed gift cards that make great Thank You gifts.
  • 6 – Locals have a love-hate affinity for tourists, but the mosquitoes WILL love you unconditionally.
  • 5 – Locals also have a love-hate relationship with the roosters, hens and chicks that freely roam the island. So, don’t let your children chase or feed them lest you want to bring on a lecture from a resident on one side of the fence or the other.
  • 4 – “Hawaiian Squirrels” are rats. Geckos, however, are considered Good Luck. They eat annoying household bugs. So, name them if you must, but don’t fear them. They won’t try to sell you insurance.
  • 3 – Coconut palms and fruit trees grow like weeds. As tempting as it may be to help thyself to these, they also attract some of the aforementioned critters. Moreover, scaling palm trees and husking coconuts should be left to the pros. That is unless you wish to catch a lift to Oahu via air ambulance.
  • 2 – Everything is better on island: the air, the food, the limbo. However, locals live and sleep with their windows OPEN. So, be mindful that you could be sharing more than you should–and I’m not just referring to that new Hawaiian artist whos CD you purchased at the grocery store.

Last but certainly not least, my Number 1 pearl:

  • 1 – This island, like Puff the Magic Dragon, is magical and will cast a spell over you and yours. It’s in the ocean mist. It’s transcendental and grounding at the same time. That’s the Spirit of Aloha.
The Dolphin Hale
Celebrating 15 Years of hospitality, transformation and FUN!

And there’s more…

In addition to these 15 pearls of wisdom, which Clayton and I hope you found humorous as intended, we would love to share The Dolphin Hale. SAVE $50 a night for Summer 2020 when you book this August. For more details visit:

With Aloha ~ Aunty Tammy

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Your Sleep Retreat Island Style

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Plumeria Tree – Aztec Gold – Sweet Exotic Scent

I don’t know about you, but I never sleep well the first night in a strange place. And if a time zone change is involved, forget it!

Here are some tips from the experts and yours truly on how to turn your vacation rental bedroom or hotel room into your own personal sleep retreat when visiting Kauai.

1.  Keep the room dark and cool Sea Glass Room - Be Our Guest - Final

Start by dimming the lights (if possible) to encourage your body to ease into nighttime. Stop using electronics at least 30-minutes before bedtime. Keep the room cool; 65 degrees is considered to be the ideal temperature for sleep. In the winter months, the mean temperature is 65 degrees at night on island; however, you may need to “trick” your body into thinking it is this cool in the summer months by running the ceiling and/or portable fans if you are not staying in a home or hotel with air conditioned bedrooms.

2.  Keep the room quiet

If you can hear roosters crowing, try adding so-called white noise to the bedroom environment. White noise creates a constant ambient noise that will block out the occasional outside noises that can disturb our sleep. While you can run a white noise app on your smart phone, I think that rather defeats the purpose of being on island. The aforementioned fans may just do the trick! Or, roosters or no roosters, open a window and allow the calming sound of the ocean surf to take you to dreamland.

3.  Keep the room calm

While the wall colors and decor in the guest rooms at The Dolphin Hale are intended to be restful, you can take each to the next level with some kind of aroma therapy. Aroma plays a large part in helping you relax and stay asleep. Didn’t pack your essential oils? No problem, a fragrant plumeria flower or two floated in a small dish on the nightstand can be a good substitute. Plumeria oil promotes peace, tranquility and relaxation–and the flower itself found on our grounds has a beautiful tropical fragrance. Note: Research shows that the scent of lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately, the closest lavender fields are on Maui!

The bottom line is that your sleeping environment can play a huge part in how well you sleep. And by taking some simple steps, you can enhance yours, especially in a vacation rental or hotel. After all, isn’t rejuvenation one of the goals for taking a vacation in the first place?

With Aloha ~ Aunty Tammy