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‘Tis the season for giving and sharing aloha

Happy Huladays ~

With the holidays here, I am reminded to stop, take stock and give aloha for all the wonderful things in our lives in 2021 in spite of COVID.

Team Dolphin Hale has had much to be grateful for thanks to YOU our Guests who have continued to support us. This is especially true of those who worked with us–instead of demanding a refund–in order to see a booking come to fruition. That may sound like a little thing and not much in the scheme of things, but for us it was the difference between closing our doors and keeping them open.

It is in this spirit that I’d like to highlight six other little things that we are thankful for on island everyday:

Number 6 – Wearing white is not tabu after Labor Day. Islanders enjoy wearing white for it’s reflective quality year-round–keeping one cool even when the Trade Winds are not blowing.

Number 5 – Slippahs are considered Dress Shoes. Just do not call them flip-flops. And be sure to remove your footware before entering a residence, or risk tracking in Red Dirt and germs. Both are highly frowned upon by “Auntie.”

Number 4 – We do not reset our clocks here. HST (Hawaii Standard Time) has been a constant since 1945. Although, you will be changing yours at least twice. ; )

Number 3 – Flowers bloom year-round, including some you might not associate with Hawaii like the water lilies shown above, making every yard a florist shop.

Number 2 – After every rainstorm, a rainbow will surely appear–and maybe a Hawaiian God? In Hawaiian folklore, the rainbow acts as a celestial path by which Gods and Goddesses (of which there are many) come down to earth.

Number 1 – Aloha is not just “Hello” or “Good-bye,” it’s a way of life.

Got more to add to this list? Please do share your favorites with me.

Here’s wishing you and yours happiness in all the season has to offer, especially the little things.

With Aloha ~ Aunty Tammy


Tammy Russell-Rice is a Certified Professional Photographer who calls both Las Vegas and Kauai home. For the past 18 years, Tammy and her husband, Clayton, have owned and operated The Dolphin Hale--a successful Kauai North Shore vacation rental. In the process, she has become somewhat of an expert on all things island and enjoys sharing her insight. Whether you just want to enjoy an island vacation and own a camera, or are thinking of purchasing your own island home, this blog is for you!

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